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About Us


Our adventure began when we became owners of a Jeep Wrangler and started to experience the off road world. We never thought that in just a couple of years of owning a Jeep we would have this blooming business. We have always had the desire to own a business and the opportunity came with Skull Hunter 4x4.

Skull Hunter 4x4 started out as a fun idea my wife Alejandra and I Diego Madrid had for a while.  Our name started out when we were trying to decide if our Jeep should have a name and when we landed on Skull Hunter 4x4 we knew that eventually we wanted to make a business out of the name. We love the idea of having a business for the 4x4 community. A business where the 4x4 community can interact and meet new exciting people. A business where you can instantly get products and discover new things.

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Our Story

We recently established our small business as an apparel and accessories products. We have big dreams for our small business as we have a long-term goal of opening a 4x4 accessory store. We been working hard to accomplished future partners as we have become dealers for Quadratec, Extreme Terrain, American Muscle and American Trucks. Our main goal is to help everyone that is looking for some guidance on their current or future builds or just accessories for their 4x4 projects. We really like to support the local shops such as Shea and Misty at American Off-Road in Bakersfield, CA and Jeremy Ricks at Disciple Off-Road in Hanford, CA. We really appreciate their knowledge and their full support.

            Skull Hunter 4x4 likes to rock crawl in the High Sierra Forest trails the most. We like to show people about trail courtesy. We like to go out to trails and help people out if they need it or just point them out to a new trail.  We encourage people to go out and explore California. It is such a beautiful place and there is something for everyone.

Our Small business supports all 4x4 clubs and the California Off Road Vehicle Association which promotes and protects access to off road land all along California. Skull Hunter 4x4 also supports Friends of Oceano Dunes as the fight continues to keep the dunes open. We highly encourage other businesses to support C.O.R.V.A by donating to the cause or signing up to become a business sponsor. The fight to keep trials and public land open has been increasing and C.O.R.V.A needs to your help. Let’s keep the trials open.

 Our focus is to help the community as much as possible by being involved in the community activities. We have had impressive support from the 4x4 community as we have participated in a couple of parades to support the veterans and the children. We are grateful that our community welcomed our small business with open arms. We will continue providing with our best customer service and friendship. You are welcome to follow our stories and events on all our social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and

 You dream. You plan. You reach. There are no limits!!!

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